Lap Band Hypnosis is on CBS-TV News!

They called it "amazing" at CBS-TV News.  And they've seen some amazing things I'll bet.
Here they interview Marc Carlin as he works with two of his clients, one brand new going through
the virtual gastric band program for the first time and one finishing it off.  The month seasoned
weight loss client lost 4 pants sizes and the newbie lost a pound and is able to fit into her
clothes rather than squeeze into them as she has been doing.  The change in eating
behavior is taking place naturally as well.

It's nice to see such beautiful smiling faces.


Gastric Band Hypnosis – Get Your Virtual Gastric Band Fitted

Gastric Band Hypnosis has been around for almost two years now in Europe and England. 
It has gotten a very nice response from overweight people who have undergone
the treatment.  There have been numerous articles written about the different clinics in Spain
and England that perform this process.  And now it's coming to America.

It started this summer in August, 2010 when a group of volunteers were invited to partake
in the initial trial of the virtual gastric band program in New York City.  This program uses
gastric band hypnosis to get the participants believing that a gastric band has been installed
on their stomach.  And since their stomach has been made smaller they are restricted in the
amount of foods that they are able to eat.  It's now not a matter of having to restrict their diet.  It
has now become a matter of them not wanting to eat so much because they start to feel
physically full with very small amounts of food. 

So in essence these formerly out of control eaters have regained control over the amount of
food that they've put into their body.  The program consists of 4 sessions that incorporate a
number of different methods to resolve any of the emotional reasons that these people have
been eating as well as supplying a powerful tool to help them on target with their eating habits.

You can find out more about this program in NYC by calling 212 223-1832 or visiting the gastric band hypnosis website.

Does LA Weight Loss Work with Virtual Gastric Band?

There's a question that's been asked frequently, does LA weight loss work?  Can you use this program in combination with the virtual gastric band?  Any weight loss program that you choose to use can be combined with the Virtual Gastric Band program.  You can change your attitude with the virtual gastric band so you can stay on any eating plan and any weight loss regimen consistently.  And you probably already know that consistent behavior will yield the best results.

Check out how this virtual gastric band participant made changes to her attitude:

Call to join your own group: 212 223-1832 or visit virtual gastric band New York to get more info

Getting the Virtual Gastric Band Installed

There's a new process for weight loss that has been spreading from Europe. 
It's called the virtual gastric band.  With this process you will train your mind
and body to work together to experience feeling of fullness faster when you eat.

Since the feeling of fullness usually doesn't register that quickly we can surmise
that it's really just a perception that we can interpret when and how we want.  We
can use that perception by modifying it to get that full feeling sooner rather than
later.  And we can train ourselves to stop eating when we feel full.

And that's part of the success of the virtual gastric band process.  You can watch this video of
the way some people have felt while they were involved with this process.

Test groups are still forming in NYC.  You can join a group or start your own group with your friends
or co-workers by calling 212 223-1832, or visit the website for the virtual gastric band and leave
your contact info to be contacted for the next group.  An easy way to form your own group is to pass
this around facebook, or twitter.  There are a lot of people like you that are interested in this new approach.

Virtual Gastric Band – The Creative Solution To Obesity

The growing health problem in the world is clearly caused by the patient themselves.
With so many people growing in girth and BMI's rising, there will be an increasing problem
in the future for the health care system.  Especially if it is being funded with taxpayer income.

There is a solution available.  It is known as the virtual gastric band.  This new process involves
the participant to get trained in a new way of using their imagination.  The people with the best
imaginations will probably have the best results.

People who are overweight because they eat too much, already have fantastic imaginations.  In
fact you could say that their imaginations have been out of control for a bit too long.  They've probably
been using their imaginations to actively get themselves to eat too much.  They've increased their
interest in food because of what they thought they would get out of it.

This new way of viewing food with the virtual gastric band, combined with the physical response to the
imagination being guided through a virtual gastric band surgery is a powerful way of taking back control
over your lifestyle.

It is available for you to try out in New York for a limited amount of time.  There is a trial run of this new
program that is open to overweight people.  This program is not for everyone, so you need to call to see
if you qualify.  The number is 212 223-1832.  The virtual gastric band program is worth it!

Virtual Gastric Band Study – Free Groups Forming NYC

There is a new weight loss process that is being introduced into the USA in the late fall.  Prior to that introduction
there are test groups being put together to show the effectiveness of the program.  The program is called
the Virtual Gastric Band and it uses the power of your imagination to create a change in your normal
eating response.

You  also re-learn how to react to your emotions and new habits are created.  See how some of the
volunteers are making out in the early studies:

When you're ready to stop that yo-yo dieting problem and ready to join one of the
study trials   call 212 223-1832.  These trials will be ending soon, so don't miss out.