The growing health problem in the world is clearly caused by the patient themselves.
With so many people growing in girth and BMI's rising, there will be an increasing problem
in the future for the health care system.  Especially if it is being funded with taxpayer income.

There is a solution available.  It is known as the virtual gastric band.  This new process involves
the participant to get trained in a new way of using their imagination.  The people with the best
imaginations will probably have the best results.

People who are overweight because they eat too much, already have fantastic imaginations.  In
fact you could say that their imaginations have been out of control for a bit too long.  They've probably
been using their imaginations to actively get themselves to eat too much.  They've increased their
interest in food because of what they thought they would get out of it.

This new way of viewing food with the virtual gastric band, combined with the physical response to the
imagination being guided through a virtual gastric band surgery is a powerful way of taking back control
over your lifestyle.

It is available for you to try out in New York for a limited amount of time.  There is a trial run of this new
program that is open to overweight people.  This program is not for everyone, so you need to call to see
if you qualify.  The number is 212 223-1832.  The virtual gastric band program is worth it!