There's a new process for weight loss that has been spreading from Europe. 
It's called the virtual gastric band.  With this process you will train your mind
and body to work together to experience feeling of fullness faster when you eat.

Since the feeling of fullness usually doesn't register that quickly we can surmise
that it's really just a perception that we can interpret when and how we want.  We
can use that perception by modifying it to get that full feeling sooner rather than
later.  And we can train ourselves to stop eating when we feel full.

And that's part of the success of the virtual gastric band process.  You can watch this video of
the way some people have felt while they were involved with this process.

Test groups are still forming in NYC.  You can join a group or start your own group with your friends
or co-workers by calling 212 223-1832, or visit the website for the virtual gastric band and leave
your contact info to be contacted for the next group.  An easy way to form your own group is to pass
this around facebook, or twitter.  There are a lot of people like you that are interested in this new approach.