Gastric Band Hypnosis has been around for almost two years now in Europe and England. 
It has gotten a very nice response from overweight people who have undergone
the treatment.  There have been numerous articles written about the different clinics in Spain
and England that perform this process.  And now it's coming to America.

It started this summer in August, 2010 when a group of volunteers were invited to partake
in the initial trial of the virtual gastric band program in New York City.  This program uses
gastric band hypnosis to get the participants believing that a gastric band has been installed
on their stomach.  And since their stomach has been made smaller they are restricted in the
amount of foods that they are able to eat.  It's now not a matter of having to restrict their diet.  It
has now become a matter of them not wanting to eat so much because they start to feel
physically full with very small amounts of food. 

So in essence these formerly out of control eaters have regained control over the amount of
food that they've put into their body.  The program consists of 4 sessions that incorporate a
number of different methods to resolve any of the emotional reasons that these people have
been eating as well as supplying a powerful tool to help them on target with their eating habits.

You can find out more about this program in NYC by calling 212 223-1832 or visiting the gastric band hypnosis website.